Healthcare Professional Resources

IBSA is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in their mission to care for patients. That’s why we’ve put together a range of materials to help support clinicians.

Patient Information and Savings Option

Flector offers a variety of patient support materials for your practice, including:

  • Copay savings cards
  • Patient literature

You will automatically receive these materials when you order Flector samples. If you are interested in only receiving patient support material, please contact us at

IBSA also offers patients several ways to save on their Flector prescription. Click below to learn more about the Flector Copay Savings Card or the Flector Direct Program. To learn which option may be better for your various patients, go to our Ways to Save page.

Product Samples

To order samples of Flector, fill out the Sample Request Form below. Please note that Sample Request Forms must be signed by a healthcare professional who is licensed to prescribe medication in the United States. In most cases, samples will be shipped within 3 business days after receipt of a fully completed request form. There is a limit of 1 sample shipment per month, per licensed prescriber.